Using a creative approach to create excellence in education

GER utilizes the Teach Like a Champion (TLAC) delivery methodology to teach and challenge its students to become global thinkers and leaders. With this core approach in place, GER is able to flexibly form around each community's needs. We understand and appreciate that adaptations are going to be necessary with every locale. There is no blanket approach. Some of the areas we specialize in developing are:


Moral Values


To serve with excellence every educational need

We envision a nation that recognizes, understands and addresses the diverse educational needs of our communities. With our history of high achieving results serving varied backgrounds, we can be the driving force to bring about the educational reform our country so desperately needs.


Developing children into great leaders

At GER, we believe that the focus should be on developing character and mentoring thinkers to make an impact and contribute at a societal level.