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Don McQueen
Mr. McQueen is a successful entrepreneur with a prodigious ability to identify market-place problems and provide working solutions. Recognizing problems with education, he traveled around the world to learn how to create an environment where children could learn and grow as global leaders.

Mr. McQueen's business aptitude was paramount in resurrecting a failing charter school in 2002, which most recently ranked #1 in student academic growth in both math and reading among all charter schools in North Carolina. 

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Simon Johnson
Mr. Johnson was one of the very first charter school creators in North Carolina. As a charter school pioneer, he developed avenues for others to be successful so that school choice could become a reality for everyone. 

Over 20 years after his first school, Mr. Johnson continues to advocate for school choice and lead the charter school movement. In 2017, Mr. Johnson founded Black Led Schools of Choice along with Mr. McQueen and Mr. Slocum. They are regarded as three of the premier leaders serving diverse educational communities in North Carolina. 

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Eugene Slocum
Mr. Slocum began his career as a professor at Fayetteville State University. His passion for education and desire to create a direct impact upon the youth of today lead Mr. Slocum to create a charter school in 2000.

From financing to land acquisition, the journey was arduous, but Mr. Slocum persevered and established Alpha Academy, which now teaches just under 1,000 children each year. He currently sits on the North Carolina Association of Public Charter Schools Board.